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Bermuda's International and Local Companies, A to C

Huge range and variety of offshore corporations in this initial listing

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By Keith Archibald Forbes (see About Us) at e-mail exclusively for Bermuda Online

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Bermuda flagBermuda coat of arms

American International, AIG Group, Bermuda

One of the many Bermuda-based leading multinational insurers



All entities named below are Bermuda-incorporated limited liability companies (corporations) or partnerships with "Limited" after their name but the latter is not shown below. Their areas of business activity are hugely diversified. 

Advantages do not include no income taxes (because there is an income tax, called a Payroll Tax, payable by employers and employees, based on employment income) but there are few restrictions as to how Bermuda companies can invest their assets and deploy capital, not to mention the island's close proximity to the largest insurance market in the world, the USA. They are presently free to accept contingent commissions, which are payments to brokers from insurers based on the volume of business steered to them. These factors, along with the current favorable market conditions, have contributed to the robust financial performance of the Bermuda insurance and reinsurance market. They are exempted from Bermuda's domestic company requirements of being at least 60% beneficially owned by Bermudians. They can trade anywhere in the world except as a local company in Bermuda (They cannot write any business for Bermuda residents, only with other international or exempted companies). The regulatory environment is exceptionally favorable to them in Bermuda - so much so that many international businesses, including insurers, from all over the world, even in places such as St. Lucia, West Indies, now have their Bermuda-incorporated and Bermuda-based companies as their registered offices and their companies beyond Bermuda as their subsidiaries. They come mostly - but not solely - from the USA. One prominent US corporation, Chevron, has over 400 Bermuda-incorporated companies and there are an equal number of Bermuda-incorporated companies beginning with the word "China." Their reasons  to relocate to Bermuda as corporate inversions arise out of the USA's own tax code and/or similar taxation policies of the UK, Canada, China, Russia and other countries. The presence in Bermuda of these Bermuda-registered companies, the Bermuda Government fees they pay in return for not having any Bermuda Government taxes imposed on their income or profits and the profits they earn from their often world-wide business including acting a principal insurers in US and other jurisdictions and in major disasters such as hurricanes, typhoons and special risks, is the single-biggest reason, not tourism which lags far behind, why Bermuda, despite its tiny size of only 21 square miles or 58 kilometers, scores so highly in World Bank and related statistics in Gross National Income and other economic indicators.

Office prices in office buildings

Some examples were, in 2013:


Accenture Inc Since 8/16/2006/. Formerly Anderson Consulting, spun off from Chicago-based accounting firm Arthur Anderson. Bermuda headquartered for tax reasons on July 1, 2001. A multi-national company with $ multi-million US Defense and Homeland Security contracts. World's second-largest consulting firm, with more than 140,000 employees in countries including Bermuda, China and Brazil. When Accenture does business with state and local government in the USA, it does so through its US-based subsidiary, Accenture LLP. 
Acquisition Bermuda Leasing Since 1/14/2011. 
Acquisitor Holdings   Incorporated in 2002. A subsidiary of Acquisitor PLC, a UK investment company.
Adecco Financial Services
ADT Owned by Tyco International
AFL Investments Maxwell R. Roberts Building, 1 Church Street, Third Floor, P.O. Box HM 1064, Hamilton HM11. Phone 294-5715. Fax 292-5761.
Africa Risk Capacity Insurance Company (ARC) May 2014. This catastrophe insurance pool to insure a group of African countries against drought was been set up in Bermuda by Willis Group Holdings plc, a global broker and risk adviser, as a new mutual insurance company. The capital was raised from the international weather risk markets and the pool the first of its kind will issue insurance policies against drought to an initial group of five African countries: Kenya, Mauritania, Mozambique, Niger and Senegal. It will allow member countries to respond quickly to a developing crisis, and rely less on uncertain international aid in times of drought. 
AIG (American International Group) in Bermuda

AIG Bermuda

American International Group (AIG) Bermuda headquarters.

American International Building, 27 Richmond Road, Hamilton HM 08. Phone (441) 295-2121. Fax (441) 292-6735. Very prominent in Bermuda with a massive Bermuda-incorporated corporate offshore presence as shown in the AIG companies (corporations) listed below. Second-largest single user and registrant of Bermuda's offshore companies, second only to the Chevron Corporation. World's largest insurer by market value, with a $100+ billion balance sheet. Founded in Shanghai, China, in 1919. New York-headquartered at Maiden Lane, a block from Wall Street. On 16th September 2008 AIG was rescued after the US Federal Reserve extended an $85bn bridging loan to the troubled insurance giant that provides mortgages insurance and more to most banks in the USA and many abroad. The Fed, after meeting with senior officials of the US Treasury, Senate and Congress, offered the money to the corporation in return for it pledging all of its assets. In addition, the Fed  received warrants which gave it an ownership stake of almost 80pc. In March 2009 AIG announced a huge loss, highest in US corporate history, of $61.7 billion for the fourth quarter of 2008 on Monday. The US Government provided another $30 billion of aid in its third bailout of the company, now totaling $180 billion, since September 2008. The latest bailout increased the government's commitment to keeping AIG on life support, and avoided any crippling credit rating downgrades that might have forced AIG to come up with billions of dollars it might not have had. Most of the loss stemmed from big write-downs tied to credit default swaps and other toxic debt. AIG built up its exposure to swaps earlier this decade, when long-time CEO Maurice (Hank) Greenberg and then Martin Sullivan ran the company. Briefly changed its name to Chartis, now back to AIG, following its return to health, profitability and hugely less debt to Uncle Sam. Employs around 200 people in Bermuda. First major insurance company to locate in Bermuda and in the 1960s was allowed to have a separate agency of the American Life Insurance Company, an AIG subsidiary, active in the Bermuda marketplace.

Aimpoint Re Since 2/12/2012
Aircastle Listed on the New York Stock Exchange, it leases 42 jets to passenger and cargo airlines, benefits from the trend of more companies outsourcing rather than owning their fleets. Formed by Fortress Investment Group in 2004.
Air Max Bermuda subsidiary of multi-national footwear giant Nike, reportedly with over $7 billion of profits parked offshore including in 12 subsidiaries in Bermuda. According to the US-based Citizens for Tax Justice, ten of the Bermuda subsidiaries are actually named after Nike shoes: Air Max Limited, Nike Cortez, Nike Flight, Nike Force, Nike Huarache, Nike Jump, Nike Lavadome, Nike Pegasus, Nike Tailwind and Nike Waffle. Nike is believed to very aggressive when it comes to sheltering profits overseas.
ALAS (Bermuda) Cumberland House, 1 Victoria Street, Hamilton HM 11. Phone 292-9989.
Albourne Atlantic
Alcan Bermuda) Capital G Building, 25 Reid Street, Hamilton HM 11. Phone 295-3550.
Alco Holdings Codan Services Ltd
All The Kings Men Since 1/31/2007
Alpha General Holdings Ltd Codan Services Ltd.
Alpha Prime Fund  
Allan International Holdings Ltd Codan Services Ltd.
Alloy Aircraft Company Ltd Owned by the Turkish Uzan family, one of that nation's wealthiest. Had a Bombardier Challenger $15 million aircraft until it was seized in Paris in August 2003 by order of a Bermuda court and awarded to Motorola.
Alpha Corporate Services (Bermuda)  
Aluminium Investors Ltd  
Amaranth Fund LP  
Amber Partners  
A-Max Holdings Conyers Dill & Pearman
American International Company Since 12/20/1947.

AIG Bermuda

American International Group (AIG) Bermuda headquarters.

American International Building, 27 Richmond Road, Hamilton HM 08. Phone (441) 295-2121. Fax (441) 292-6735.  Bermuda headquarters of the AIG companies mentioned earlier above and those shown below. 

Amerinst Holdings Since 11/17/2006. c/o Cedar Management Limited, P.O. Box HM 1601, Hamilton HM GX, Bermuda
Amerinst Insurance Company Since 11/16/1999. As above.
AMS Continental Building, 25 Church Street, Hamilton HM 12. Phone 295-1078. Fax 292-5116.
AMX Wireless Conyers Dill & Pearman.
Andrew Barile Consulting Corp  
Anex International Holdings Codan Services Ltd
Anse Chastanet Club Bermuda company registered in August 1981. Prominent hotel operation in St. Lucia
APP China Group  
APT Satellite Holdings Clarendon House, 2 Church Street, Hamilton HM11. Principal Place of Business in Hong Kong:
APT Satellite Holdings Limited, 22 Dai Kwai Street,  Tai Po Industrial Estate, Tai Po, New Territories, Hong Kong. 
AQ Asian Absolute Return Fund Mutual fund, formed July 2003 by Olympia Capital (Bermuda) Ltd
AQR Capital Management Has a reinsurance arm, AQR Re. Greenwich, Connecticut-based, has approximately $79.5 billion of total assets under management as of March 31, 2013.
A. P. Moller (Bermuda)
APW  Bermuda company of American organization, under Chapter 11 bankruptcy since July 2002.

Apex Fund Services

Began in Bermuda in 2003. Now has about 400 clients, over 300 employees in 29 offices in 20 countries including Toronto, with $23 billion in assets under management in 2013.
Apollo Enterprise Solutions  A US-based provider of advanced technology to banks, listed on the Bermuda Stock Exchange.
Aquarius Platinum Digs for platinum, palladium and other metals in South Africa and Zimbabwe. Metal is sold for dollars while most costs are met in local currency. 
Aramark Corporation  
Arche Master Fund LP Owned by Arche GP LLC, Delaware, USA. C/o AS&K
ARC Insurance Company In May 2014 Bermuda beat out competition from Switzerland to become the domicile of this first-ever African catastrophe insurance pool. ARC Insurance Company Ltd is a mutual insurance company established on the Island to provide drought coverage for five African countries: Kenya, Mauritania, Mozambique, Niger and Senegal. The company was set up by African Risk Capacity (ARC), a specialized agency set up by the African Union to help member states become more financially resilient to extreme weather events and to protect insecure food populations. The capital was provided by the governments of the UK and Germany. It is possible that at some point in the future, the company may consider re-domiciling to Africa, depending on the wishes of the members and directors. ARC officials had visited Bermuda several times during the past 18 months, for talks with himself and financial regulator the Bermuda Monetary Authority. Marsh IAS, the insurance manager in Bermuda, Willis Group as reinsurance broker, and Appleby Bermuda, who assisted with ARC Ltd's incorporation, are among others involved with the new company. The insurance policies issued  by ARC Ltd will provide a total of approximately $135 million in drought insurance coverage tailored to the specific requirements of the insured countries. In addition to its own capital, ARC Ltd has secured US $55 million of capacity from the international reinsurance and weather risk markets in order to cover the risks it is taking on from the participating countries. The ARC Agency said the new insurance pool would make disaster-stricken African countries less reliant on international aid and also avoid the scenario of having to divert funds from important development projects to deal with an immediate crisis. Henry Rotich, Kenya's Cabinet Secretary for the National Treasury, said: "Droughts undermine our hard-won development gains, just as Africa is beginning to realize its vast potential. ARC will help us build resilience among vulnerable populations, protect our agriculture investments, thereby increasing productivity, as well as promoting fiscal stability by preventing budget dislocation in a crisis." Nigeria's Finance Minister Okojo Iweala, chairman of the ARC Agency Board, described the formation of the Bermuda-based catastrophe insurance pool as a "transformative moment in our efforts to take ownership and use aid more effectively. It is an unprecedented way of organizing ourselves with our partners, with Africa taking the lead taking our collective destiny into our own hands, rather than relying on the international community for bailouts.
Arethusa Its two largest shareholders are based in Stockholm, Sweden. Arethusa owns and or operates a fleet of 13 offshore oil drilling rigs, including eight semi-submersibles and five jack-ups. It is the second-largest semi-submersible operator in the Gulf of Mexico. Its other rigs are deployed in the offshore waters of Brazil, Egypt, India, Indonesia and the Netherlands.
Argentum Management and Research Portfolio (Bermuda) Since 9/1/1999
Argent Financial Group (Bermuda)  
Arsenal Group (Bermuda) Since 3/25/2011
Arsenal Hedge Fund Since 11/1/2002
Arsenal  Since 9/5/2001
Art 1 Trust Bermuda-based, owned by Christof Engelhorn, pharmaceutical billionaire and philanthropist
Arlington Tankers Deep sea petroleum transportation company, owned by London-based shipbroker Galbraith’s.
ASA South African investments, in 2003, prompted by 2003 South African laws
A. S. E. Holding C/o Appleby Spurling & Hunter
ASX Settlement PTY

Formerly known as ASX Settlement and Transfer Corporation PTY

Asia Global Crossing An undersea cable company. Its parent was Global Crossing, shown below.
Asia Aluminum Holdings Codan Services Ltd
Asia Netcom Formed in 2003 to buy for Asia the distressed assets for a Chinese state-owned company, China Netcom, from Global Crossing.
Asia Satellite Telecommunications Holdings Butterfield Fund Services (Bermuda)
Atlantic Corporate Management  Warner Building, 85 Reid Street, Hamilton HM 12. P. O. Box HM 1008, Hamilton HM DX. Phone 296-4297. Fax 296-4306.
Atlantic Central Enterprises   
Atlantic Investment & Development Co (Bermuda) Front Street, Hamilton. Phone 292-2246. Fax 295-5129
Atlantic Medical International 7 Pitts Bay Road, Pembroke HM 07. Phone 298-8023. Fax 296-6021
Atlantic Philanthropies (Bermuda) A group of Bermuda-based international philanthropic and charitable foundations. The Bermuda office provides group financial control, management reporting, middle office support for a complex investment portfolio, treasury, administration and corporate secretarial duties. The website does not show its Bermuda office or staff. In 2004, it employed Fordham University to undertake a survey of Bermuda's senior citizens and their needs. It also takes a stand in Human Rights.
Atlantic Marine Limited Partnership P. O. Box HM 2089, Hamilton HM HX. Fax 292-2541. Long established, provides ship management, accounting and shipping. A member of the Schulte Group. 
Atrax Medical Group  33 Reid Street, Hamilton HM 12. Phone 296-4120 or 296-0845 or fax 296-4130
Australia-Japan Cable Management) P. O. Box HM 2936, Hamilton HM MX. Phone 296-1007. Fax 296-3519
Axis Capital Holdings  


Name of Company Since and relevant notes
Bacardi Benefit Company 10/4/1999
Bacardi Capital 11/22/1976
Bacardi CNI 12/1/1994
Bacardi Holdings 6/18/1965. C/o Conyers Dill & Pearman
Bacardi International

Bacardi, Bermuda

Since 11/23/1990. World headquarters in Bermuda since 1972. Pitt's Bay Road, Pembroke. P. O. Box HM 720, Hamilton HM CX. Phone 298-1060. Fax 296-2468. World's largest rum maker and privately held spirits company. Founded in Cuba in 1862 by Don Facundo Bacardi y Maso. It prospered for years with its secret rum recipe. After the Spanish-American War of 1898, Bacardi gave the world the Cuba Libre and the Daiquiri. But Fidel Castro took control in 1959 and nationalized the plant and assets without compensation. The founder's descendents exiled themselves and began afresh. The Bermuda building was designed by Mies van der Rohe. Major businesses are Bacardi International Limited and Bacardi Capital Limited. Between them, they oversee the worldwide (outside USA) marketing of much of the group's international financial affairs and bulk transportation.  They also market Martini and Rossi vermouth; Asti sparkling wine - which they bought in 1993; Bombay Sapphire Gin from England, Dewars Whisky from Scotland  and New Zealand vodka and gin producer 42 Below. The private Bacardi companies do not disclose financial results. There is also a large office in Miami, Florida. In 2007, Rising demand for deluxe scotch whisky in China, Taiwan, Korea and other Asian countries prompted Bacardi to invest more than $250 million over 10 years  to expand production of its Dewar's brand in Scotland. The Dewar's brand of whisky includes 12-year, 15-year and 18-year maturities. Dewar's is the number one selling blended scotch in the US. Employs more than 6,000 people, operating 27 manufacturing facilities in 16 countries on four continents, and selling in more than 100 markets globally. Bacardi employs 75 people in Bermuda. 

Bacardi Jardine Distribution (Bermuda) 11/24/1994
Bacardi Jardine Production (Bermuda) 11/24/1994
Bacardi Ltd 11/22/1990
Bata Shoes Bermuda-based but currently Lausanne-headquartered huge multinational family-owned shoe operation. Operates 3 business units worldwide – Bata Metro Markets, Bata Emerging Markets and Bata Branded Business. It has a retail presence in over 50 countries and production facilities in 26 countries. In its history the company has sold more than 14 billion pairs of shoes. Founded in 1894 in Zlin, now in Czech Republic, by Tomáš Bata and his brother Jan Antonín Bata.
BBHF Emerald  c/o Fairfield Greenwich (Bermuda). Hit by the Madoff fraud
Beacon Hill Corporation P. O. Box HM 1179, Hamilton HM EX. Arranges leases and sales of US manufactured property to be used predominantly outside USA.
Beacon Management  Penthouse Suite, 129 Front Street, Hamilton HM 12. Phone 295-9939. Fax 292-2865.
Becher & Carlson Management  Wessex House, 45 Reid Street, Hamilton HM 12. Phone 295-0519. Fax 295-0933.
Befico Ltd Merged with Novartis Capital Ltd
Belize Orient Corporation Sterling House, Wesley Street, Hamilton. Phone 295-5254
Beltship Management P. O. Box HM 723, Hamilton HM CX. Part of an international shipping group specializing in ship management and self-unloading bulk carriers.
Beluga Hamilton-based, owned by John Outerbridge. Owns the luxury yacht "Bermudiana" worth $2.8 million which in late 2007 was seized by US authorities in Florida because of a dispute over the alleged non-payment by its owners for $73,000 of service costs. The 27.36-metre Versilcraft Motor Yacht was built in 1991 and underwent a thorough mechanical & cosmetic refit in 2004, including rebuilt main engines, a new generator, fresh paint and a new decor. The spacious layout of the vessel provides four owner/guest staterooms plus accommodation for up to five crew in three cabins, and, with her low maintenance fiberglass construction, unique layout and attractive price, the Bermudiana represents a chartering opportunity for a yachtsman with a large family, lots of friends or the desire to get away with a special someone."
Berco Since 5/27/1949. Pembroke Hall, 42 Crow Lane, Pembroke HM 19. Phone 295-4537. Fax 295-1232. International Investment company, part of Berco Ltd, of the Mitchell empire, owned by billionaire Bermuda resident Peter Green, long-time contributor to the UK's Labour Party.
Bergesen Major shipping company
Berkshire Hathaway Investments.  CEO is Warren E. Buffett
Bermuda First Investment Company Exempted investment holding company. In May 2014 it gave a bleak picture of the economic outlook for Bermuda based on its third-quarter results. Results reflect the grim financial reality in the performance of key Bermuda companies and a concern that economic recovery will be long and slow unless significant decisions are made to encourage business investment in Bermuda and there is an increase in resident numbers. Listed on the Bermuda Stock Exchange, it makes money trading in Bermuda stocks. Yet the performance of these equities has been recently affected by market conditions, together with structural and regulatory issues.
Bermuda National (BNL) 19 Par-la-Ville Road Hamilton HM 11. Bermuda international (exempt) investment holding company specializing in the financial services sector. BNL’s primary investment is a 100% interest in Bermuda Commercial Bank, one of Bermuda’s four licensed banks which focuses on corporate and private wealth. Its shares are traded on the Bermuda Stock Exchange under the ticker code, BNL.BH.
Bermuda Poker Tour Since 6/8/2007
Bermuda Press Since 9/9/1963
Bermuda Press (Holdings) The Since 8/8/1921
Bernhard Schulte Shipmanagement (Bermuda) LP.  Richmond House, 12 Par-la-Ville Road, Hamilton HM 08. Phone 295-0614 or fax 292-1549 or cell 505 2657. Operates chemical tankers. Vessels include the Bahamas Spirit and the Cap Bon.
Bestway International Holdings C/o Codan Services Ltd
BI Owned by and controlling the worldwide business interests of the British twins of Sir David & Sir Frederick Barclay, among Britain's 500 richest people. Their property includes the Scotsman and Daily Telegraph newspapers (the latter bought on 22nd June 2004 for £650 million - and Ritz Hotel in London.
Billing Services Group

Manx Financial Group plc (MFG) holds 1.7 million shares in London-listed Billing Services,  a provider of clearing and settlement, payment services and financial risk management solutions.

BNY Alternative Investment Services

Bermuda Office of Bank of New York Mellon

Since 1/4/1993. Bermuda Office, Front Street, Hamilton. A hedge fund administrator. In January 2012 laid off 20 accounting positions, with 39 employees remaining in Bermuda. According to a bank spokesperson, Bank of New York Mellon acquired PNC Bank’s global investment services business in July of 2010 and as a result “accounting functions have been consolidated” to their Orlando, Florida office.”

Birketu Pty Private investment company of Bermuda-based Australian billionaire Bruce Gordon
BISYS Hedge Fund Services Formerly Hemisphere Management Limited. Hemisphere House, P. O. Box HM 951, Hamilton HM DX. Phone 295-9166. Fax 292-6145. One of the leading fund administration groups in the world, with assets exceeding $45 billion and third-largest administrator of hedge funds. Established in Bermuda in 1981, with 142 out of the total of more than 276 staff and subsidiaries in Dublin and Boston. A wholly-owned subsidiary of Mutual Risk Management Ltd. Hit by the Madoff fraud.
Blad Foundation  
BNY Alternative Investment Services. (Formerly International Fund Administration, or IFA) Suite 464, 48 Par La Ville Road, Hamilton HM 11. Hedge fund administrator and International financial services, providing comprehensive fund administration services for offshore and US investment companies. Bank of New York acquired IFA in late 2002.
Boston Company Advisors (Bermuda) Trenwick House, Church Street, Hamilton. Phone 295-4107. 
Branches Mini Construction & Landscaping Co. Since 5/21/1990
Brazilian Renewable Energy Company (Brenco) Since 2007. An ethanol company with prominent foreign investors. Founding shareholders included venture capitalist Vinod Khosla, American supermarket magnate Ron Burkle, America Online founder Steve Case, former World Bank President James Wolfensohn and film producer Steven Bing. Brenco sells ethanol to the huge domestic market, and exports it amid rising international demand. It is expected to produce 3.8 billion liters (1 billion gallons) annually within the next ten years. Brazilian ethanol makers produced 17 billion litres (4.5 billion gallons) last year, and exported 3.4 billion litres (900 million gallons). The company has its headquarters in Brazil’s largest city of Sao Paulo, near the sugarcane fields where most Brazilian ethanol is produced.
Bright International Group C/o Codan Services Ltd
Brilliance China Automotive Holdings Established in 1992 to own a 51% interest in Shenyang JinBei Passenger Vehicle Manufacturing Company Ltd., of China. It manufactures and distributes mini-buses in China. It was the first company with operations solely in China to list on the New York Stock Exchange. A subsidiary, Brilliance China Trucks Holdings Ltd., changed its name in late 1996 to China Automotive Co. Ltd.
British Airways E-Jets Leasing Since June 2009
British Airways Investments (Bermuda) Since 1969
British Airways PLC Since 1974
Brookfield Infrastructure Partners LP Bermuda-based. Established by Toronto-based Brookfield Asset Management Inc. to operate long-life assets with stable cash flows. Its current focus is utilities and energy, which serve local communities, as well as transportation, and timber assets in North and South America, Australia, Asia and Europe. Merged with Prime Infrastructure in December 2010. Earned $416 million or $3.48 per unit in the three months ended December 31 compared with a loss of $45 million or 58 cents per unit in the same quarter during 2009. For the full year, net earnings were $467 million or $4.25 per unit versus $25 million or 52 cents per unit in 2009.
The large rise in net income was primarily by the revaluation gain associated with the Prime merger. Brookfield Asset Management Inc. owns about a 30 percent interest in Brookfield Infrastructure.
Brookfield Renewable Energy Partners LP

Bermuda-based. Owns 16 percent of Western Wind Energy Corp in Vancouver. 

Brunswick Russian Directional Fund  
Brunswick Russian Growth Fund  
Buffett Investment Ltd 19/14/1993
Bunge Founded in 1818. Bermuda's leading international company in the Forbes listings, 2011 world rankings of 162 in sales, 235 in profit, 731 in assets, 921 in market value. 2011 CEO: Alberto Weisser. World's top soybean exporter and oilseed processor with over 33,000 employees and 2011 sales of $45.71 billion. A global agribusiness and food company operating in the farm-to-consumer food chain, engaged in oilseed processing, producing and supplying of fertilizer to farmers in South America and selling of packaged vegetable oils worldwide. Conducts its operations in three divisions: agribusiness, fertilizer and food and ingredients. These divisions include In late 2002 it formed a venture, Solae LLC,  with Dupont Co. to make soy ingredients.  
Butterfield Fulcrum Group (BFG) Hedge fund. In January 2011 stated it was hiring 12 new employees after having signed up 36 new clients. But in August 2011 axed ten staff from its Bermuda office after reviewing distribution of work at its operational centres.
BW Gas World's largest operator of liquefied natural gas tankers.


The largest listings in this group are Chevron companies and those beginning with "China....."

CACEIS Investor Services (Bermuda) In 2011 moved the majority of its staff out of Bermuda.
CalciTech Owns technical centers in Switzerland, etc.
Calson (Bermuda) C/o Conyers Dill and Pearman
Cambuslang Investments Victoria Hall, Hamilton HM AX. Swift Code CMILBMH1.
Caritas Royalties Fund II Bermuda) The manager of the fund changed from Argent Financial Group (Bermuda) Ltd. to Centaur Performance Group (Bermuda)
Carnival (Bermuda) Since 12/8/2003. World's biggest cruise ship operator, owns cruise lines including Carnival, Costa, Cunard, P&O. 
Cash Financial Services Group Conyers Dill & Pearman
CastlePoint Bermuda Holding  
Castlewood P. O. Box HM 2267, Hamilton HM JX. With a subsidiary in Surrey, England.
Cartesian Capital Group Founded in 2006 by Mr. Peter Yu and other former members of the senior management team of AIG Capital Partners Inc. It manages more than $1.1 billion in private equity investments worldwide with offices in New York, Eastern Europe, Sao Paolo and Shanghai.
Catco Investment Management (CatCo) Second floor, SE Pearman Building, Par-la-Ville Road, Hamilton. Manages a range of diversified Bermuda insurance and reinsurance-based investments. Listed on the London Stock Exchange's Specialist Fund Market. It raised $80 million from investors, before its shares started trading three weeks ago. Its institutional investors include Henderson Global Investors ($16.1 million), Co-operative Insurance Society ($16.1 million), Baillie Gifford ($8 million) and JP Morgan Asset Management ($6.5 million). CatCo also has substantial financial backing from the Qatari Insurance Company. 
Caterpillar Asia Pacific LP Since 12/13/2002. Owned by Caterpillar Overseas Credit Corporation SA, Geneva. Caterpillar is a  giant machinery manufacturer, has 15 subsidiaries in Bermuda
Catlin US$ Holdings Since 2/22/2013
Catlin (CHUKL) Holdings Since 5/7/2007
Catlin (WUPLC) Holdings Since 5/7/2007
CBS-CSI Distribution (Bermuda) Since 10/26/2007
CBS Broadcast Kingworld (Bermuda) Since 10/30/2006
CBS Finance (Bermuda) Since 7/5/2007
CBS Firewalker II Since 7/26/2011
CBS Holdings (Bermuda) 1 Since 10/23/2006
CBS Holdings (Bermuda) 2 Since 1/5/2007
CBS Leasing GP Since 11/27/2007
CBS Leasing (Bermuda) Since 11/6/2007
CBS Showtime (Bermuda) Since 7/20/2007
CBS Studios (Bermuda) Since 10/30/2006
CBS Worldvision (Bermuda) Since 10/30/2006
CBS Worldwide Since 12/22/2006
Celtic Pharma In May 2007 it received approval in the US to conduct a large, randomized study to track the effectiveness of a vaccine being developed to help smokers break their addiction to nicotine and was given clearance for a Investigational New Drug application (IND) for its vaccine TA-NIC.
Centaur Performance Group (Bermuda)  
Central European Media Enterprises Owns and operates national and regional private commercial TV stations in Europe and elsewhere. Owned by US cosmetics empire heir Ronald Lauder. 
CEC International Holdings  
CCT Technology Holdings  Owned by Standard Chartered Bank of Hong Kong.
CDG Holdings For Carpe Diem Group. Formed in February 2006 by a team of City of London bankers and hedge fund executives, as a Bermuda-registered bank to lend to hedge funds.
Cha Chi Ming c/o Conyers Dill & Pearman
Chevron Huge list shown below of Bermuda-incorporated companies. Chevron is easily the best individual corporate client of Bermuda.

Chevron House, Bermuda

Chevron House, Bermuda

Chevron Corporation (NYSE: CVX Euronext: CHTEX) is an American multinational energy corporation. Headquartered in San Ramon, California, and active in more than 180 countries, it is engaged in every aspect of the oil, gas, and geothermal energy industries, including exploration and production; refining, marketing and transport; chemicals manufacturing and sales; and power generation. One of the world's six "supermajor" oil companies; as of 2013 ranked eleventh in the Fortune Global 500 list of the world's largest companies. P. O. Box HM 2082, Hamilton HM HX. Responsible for the corporate secretarial requirements of all Bermuda-based companies. In 2013 Chevron is known to have about 400 Bermuda subsidiaries.

Chipmos Technologies (Bermuda) Since 2000.
Citco Fund Services With 5,000 employees in offices around the world including one in Bermuda.
Citigroup The USA's Government Accountability Office (GAO) said in 2009 it had 19 subsidiary companies in Bermuda.
Chuang's China Investments Codan Services Ltd
Churchill Capital 10 Cavendish Road, Pembroke. Phone 296-3696. Patrick Churchill a founding partner. Hedge fund advisor and brokerage. Churchill has offices in US, UK, Australia, Monaco, Bermuda and Singapore. 
Chiquita International 7 Reid Street, Hamilton HM 12. Phone 292-7387. Fax 292-0982.
Citadel Solutions Bermuda Hedge fund service group owned by Citadel Solutions LLC a subsidiary of hedge fund giant Citadel Investment Group launched in 2007. It was the first company licensed by the BMA to provide administration services to hedge funds. It operates as the headquarters for the firm's offshore administration platform, servicing the needs of clients domiciled across Europe, Asia and other non US locations.
Chow Sang Sang Holdings International Codan Services Ltd
Cigarette Exporting Company of America  9 Church Street, Hamilton. Phone 292-2887.
CIL Holdings Bank of Bermuda Ltd, registrar & transfer agent.
Citic Securities International A Bermuda-incorporated Hong Kong-based subsidiary of China’s largest listed brokerage.
Citicorp Finance International Since 8/6/1990
Citycorp Financial Services Corporation Since 9/29/2003
Citycorp FSC 1 Since 3/15/1995
Citycorp FSC 2 Since 6/7/1995
Citycorp Insurance Bermuda Since 6/18/1984
Cities Service Overseas Management Since 11/25/1980
Citgo Fund Services Wessex House, 45 Reid Street, P. O. Box HM 2487, Hamilton HM GX. In October 2011 cut 15 to 20 jobs in its Bermuda office. See below.
Citygroup Fund Services (Bermuda) Since 7/22/1997. Address as above. The Bermuda division of the USA Citco Group of Companies with offices also in Amsterdam, Australia. Bahamas, British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, Curacao, Dublin, Geneva, Hong Kong,  Luxembourg, New York, San Francisco, Toronto. Bermuda unit of giant US bank. Until November 2008 when it had a major financial crisis, it employed over 240 staff in Bermuda. Citigroup, the recipient of some $45 billion in US Government aid during the market turmoil of 2008-2009, tops the list of US corporations with Bermuda subsidiaries, with 19, according to the USA's General Accountability Office (GAO).
Citygroup Holdings (Bermuda) Since 7/22/1997
Citygroup Risk Brokers, Bermuda Since 6/6/2003
Citygroup Securities Services (Bermuda) Since 3/4/1998
Citi Hedge Fund Services  Address as above. In September 2011 relocated 105 jobs from Bermuda to North America in the biggest publicly revealed jobs blow of 2011. Like Citygroup above, and Citco Fund Services (Bermuda), part of Citycroup's Global Transaction Services Group. Was administrator for the Kingate funds, which put all their money in Madoff’s Ponzi scheme. Citi Hedge was bought by Citigroup in 2007. Kingate Global paid the firm or its predecessor $4.2 million from 2000 to 2007, and Kingate Euro Fund Ltd paid a smaller amount.
Citigroup Forum FD Services Bermuda  Address as above.
Clarien Bank Since 1/17/1975. 19 Reid Street. Hamilton. Change of name from April 22, 2014. Formerly Capital G Bank.
Clarien Brokerage Change of name from April 22, 2014. Formerly Capital G Brokerage
Clarien BSX Services Change of name from April 22, 2014. Formerly Capital G BSX Services.
Clarien Investments Since 5/27/1997. Change of name from April 22, 2014. Formerly Capital G Investments.
Clarien Nominees Change of name from April 22, 2014. Formerly Capital G Nominees.
Clarien Trust Since 2/27/1998. Change of name from April 22, 2014. Formerly Capital G Trust.
Cofiam Codan Services Ltd
Colony Investments Paget. Fax 236-0800. Cell 235-6093
Columbia Laboratories (Bermuda)  A subsidiary of US-based pharmaceutical company Columbia Laboratories Inc. which researches hormonal treatments and has patented bio-adhesive technology.
Commex Management Swan Building, 26 Victoria Street, Hamilton HM 12. Phone 295-1785. Fax 295-6270. 
Commodities Fund Administrator Washington Mall, Hamilton HM 11. Phone 295-5517.
Compagnie D'Escomptes Financiers  5 Park Road, Hamilton. Phone 292-7979.
Compass  53 Par-la-Ville Road, Hamilton HM 11. Phone 295-6349. Fax 292-4862.
Concordia Advisors (Bermuda) 10 Cavendish Road, Pembroke, HM 19. Phone 292-1962. Resume to alex@concordiafunds.com
Concordia Distressed Debt Offshore Management Represented by Mello Jones and Martin
Concordia Distressed Debt Fund Represented by Mello Jones and Martin
Concordia Maritime Shipping Group 69 Pitts Bay Road, Pembroke HM 08. Phone 295-0040. Fax 296-2686.
Concordia Municipal Opportunities Master Fund LP Represented by Mello Jones and Martin
ConocoPhillips In 2009 the USA's Government Accountability Office (GAO) stated there were 17 subsidiaries in Bermuda. 
Consensus Investments Ltd. c/o Lines Overseas Management
Contel Corporation Since 2005. Major US corporation
Consolidated Management 14 Par-la-Ville Road, Hamilton HM 08. Phone 295-8313. Fax 292-1373.
Consolidated Services As above
Consortium Capital Formerly Human Therapeutics Ltd. C/o Christopher Frances Forrest.
Cooper Industries A global manufacturer of electrical products, tools and  hardware, with current-year revenue of US$4.2 billion. Formerly based in Houston, Texas. Bermuda headquartered for tax reasons on May 21, 2002, for huge tax savings. It has $ multi-million US Defense and Homeland Security contracts. 
Comdominio Since 9/27/2000
Continental Asset Management Bermuda 19 Queen Street, Hamilton. Phone 296-0000. Fax 295-8802
Continental Bulk Carriers SA Happy Valley Road, Pembroke. Phone 292-8727
Continental Gold

A private gold exploration company with seven projects in Colombia. Its flagship project is Buritica in the Antioquia department. In 2009 it acquired Canadian mineral explorer Cronus Resources Ltd, which focuses on projects in Latin America. 

Coral Petroleum Parent company of Esso Bermuda
Corange International Washington Mall, Phase 2, 22 Church Street, Hamilton HM 11. Phone 295-3812. Curt Engelhorn, from Germany, one of Bermuda's wealthiest residents, a billionaire several times over, used to own it. Since 1997 it belongs to Swiss drug manufacturer Roche Holdings
Cosan SA Brazilian-owned and based, controls the world's second-largest sugar-cane processor, a holding company that controls Priacicaba. It is the world's largest producer of ethanol from sugar cane.
Coutts (Bermuda) Swan Building, 26 Victoria Street, Hamilton. P. O. Box HM 1436, Hamilton HM FX. Phone 295-4700. Fax 295-4706.
Covidien Second Floor, 90 Pitts Bay Road, Pembroke HM 08. Telephone: (441) 292-8674. Spun off from Tyco International. Global healthcare products giant Bermuda-domiciled. Formed June 2007. 7,000-square-foot offices. In January 2008 had four full-time staff at its Bermuda base, out of a global workforce of 43,000 in 57 countries. Its products, which range from medical devices and supplies, to imaging products and pharmaceuticals, generate sales of more than $10 billion. A public company listed on both the New York and Bermuda stock exchanges.
Credit Suisse Emerging Markets Structured Loans Associates LP Since 8/13/2007. Major Swiss bank with offices in many world centers.

Credit Suisse building

A Credit Suisse office building abroad

Cremorne County P. O. Box HM 1179, Hamilton HM EX. Arranges leases and sales of US manufactured property to be used predominantly outside USA.
CRM Holdings (CRMH)
Crosos Shipping 
Cunard-American International Cruises Since 3/20/1992. Once independent, for some years now part of Carnival
Cunard Line Since 8/20/1999. See above and Cunard ships below:

Cunard ships Queen Mary 1, Queen Elizabeth,  Queen Victoria

All also flying the Bermuda flag on their sterns and showing Hamilton, Bermuda as their port of ship's registry.

Cunard Line Limited (Amalgamated) Since 4/30/1998
CWH Owns Clarien Group and since January 7, 2014 a controlling interest in Bermuda's former Capital G Bank, now Clarien Bank since April 22, 2014.

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