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Click on graphic above to navigate the 165+ web files on this website, a regularly updated Gazetteer, an in-depth description of our island's internally self-governing British Overseas Territory 900 miles north of the Caribbean, 600 miles east of North Carolina, USA. Separate web files below feature accommodation options, airlines, airport, actors, actresses, aviation, banks, beaches, Bermuda Dollar, Bermuda Government, Bermuda-incorporated businesses and companies including insurers and reinsurers, Bermudians, books and publications, bridges and causeway, charities, churches, citizenship by Status, City of Hamilton, commerce, communities, credit cards, cruise ships, cuisine, currency, daily newspaper, disability accessibility, Devonshire Parish, districts, Dockyard, economy, education, employment, environment, fauna, ferries, flora, former military bases, forts, gardens, geography, getting around, golf, guest houses, highways, history, historic properties, Hamilton, House of Assembly, housing, hotels, immigration, import duties, internet access, islands, laws, legal system and legislators, main roads, marriages, media, members of parliament, money, motor vehicles, municipalities, newcomers, organizations, parks, parishes, Paget, Pembroke, residents, pensions, political parties, postage stamps, public holidays, public transportation, railway trail, real estate, registries of aircraft and ships, religions, Royal Naval Dockyard, Sandys, senior citizens, Smith's, Somerset Village, Southampton, St. David's Island, St George's, Spanish Point, Spittal Pond, sports, taxes, telecommunications, time zone, traditions, tourism, Town of St. George, Tucker's Town, utilities, water sports, Warwick, weather, wildlife, work permits.

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Bermuda and her North Atlantic Islands

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Those arriving by air must take and pass appropriate pre-arrival, post-arrival and thereafter periodic pandemic-free tests. Local cruise ports will not reopen until at least October. Social distancing and face masks are mandatory. 

Flights to Bermuda from USA, Canada, UK

Location: W064 44, N3219. Time zone: Atlantic time, one hour ahead of the USA and Canada's EST and four hours behind GMT.

Bermuda's location and airlines

Update:  Flights no longer occur from Baltimore Washington, Halifax and Orlando. Instead, there are now flights from Washington, DC as above.

Hear "Bermuda is Another World"

 Bermuda is Britain's oldest and smallest but most affluent British Overseas Territory, internally self-governing (except for external affairs and defense). Bermuda is 600 miles due east of the nearest mainland, the USA's North Carolina. Bermuda is not in the Caribbean but 900 miles north of it, with no airlines flying between Bermuda and the Caribbean. Note above and below frequent daily airline services to Bermuda from the USA  (it supplies 85% of Bermuda's international business, imports and tourism markets), Canada and Britain (UK). The World Bank - see http://data.worldbank.org/country/bermuda - rates Bermuda as one of the top four jurisdictions in the world in Gross National Income per capita. Bermuda is an important and strategic offshore business jurisdiction and the registered offshore or principal home of thousands of multinational companies and corporations (most are from the USA, Canada, Europe, Russia, Hong Kong and rest of Asia) in aviation, computers, investment, insurance and reinsurance, pharmaceuticals, oil, property (real estate), shipping, software, unit trust and other companies. They include Amazon, Apple, Google, Microsoft. Their main business operations including management, corporate control  and head offices are located beyond Bermuda. Our cost of living is the highest in the world. Bermuda (not the UK), creates its laws including those on citizenship, commerce, customs duties, employment, finance, health, insurance, investments, hospitalization, immigration, taxation, trade, welfare, etc. UK visitors to Bermuda are welcome as all other nationalities but like the others are also subject to immigration and work permit laws if employed locally, have no free UK NHS-style medical services or residential or voting rights and are restricted in real estate purchase to the top 5% of single family homes or condominiums in assessed or market value.

Size and resident population. Bermuda is 21 square mile (56 kilometers) in total land area, a cluster of small islands (6 main islands and 120 others) in the north west Atlantic Ocean. It is one of the nine smallest places in the world in total land area, compared to the USA's 9.629 million square kilometers. The main islands are connected by bridges. With nine parishes (counties or districts), each 2.3055 square miles (3.68 square kilometers, Bermuda has about 65,000 residents and 550,000 visitors yearly, mostly from cruise ships that visit one of Bermuda's three cruise ship ports. 

Bermuda by air and sea, at  Mid Ocean,Tucker's Town

One of the many spectacular Bermuda beaches and scenes.

About Bermuda

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About Bermuda About Us & Conditions of Use Airlines serving Bermuda
Airport Architecture & Water supply Artists from overseas in Bermuda
Aviation pioneers Banknotes, currency, money Beaches
Bermuda, Britain & British Commonwealth Bermuda & Canada Bermuda & France
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Bermuda's Performing Artists Bermuda Shorts (clothing) Bermuda Tourism developments
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Postage stamps Public Holidays 2020-2022 Population
Restaurants Senior Citizens in Bermuda Special visitors from 1609 to now
Sports Traditions Transportation for residents
War Veterans of Bermuda Water sports  

Bermuda Accommodation for visitors

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Hotels Cottage Colonies, Guest Houses, Inns Apartments, cottages and more for Visitors

Bermuda-incorporated Businesses

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Banks and banking Bermuda business intro Bermuda economy
Bermuda Employment for non-Bermudians Bermuda's Work Permits for Non-Bermudians Bermuda's Insurance advantages
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City, Town, Parishes, Railway Trail

Bermuda Parishes City of Hamilton Devonshire
Hamilton Parish Paget Pembroke
Railway Trail St. David's Island St. George's Parish
Sandys Smith's Southampton
Town of St. George Warwick  

Former Military Bases in Bermuda

American Military Bases until 1995 American Military Personnel here until 1995 British Army here until 1953
British Army-built forts still standing today British Army Graves in Bermuda Canadian Forces Station in Bermuda until 1995
Royal Navy until 1953 Royal Navy Ship's Crests Walls  

History & daily newspaper reports

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Admiral Sir George Somers, Bermuda 1609 Bermuda's Historic Houses & Properties History 1505 to 1799
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